Promoter Information

Addicted to Glamour Pageantry is growing rapidly. Now is the time to become a part of this system as a promoter.


  A2G Prelim Promoter Packet

Dear Promoter,C1

Welcome to the Addicted to Glamour Pageantry System, an established pageant system based out of Ohio. We offer high quality pageants and entertainment opportunities for female impersonators, male entertainers, male illusionists, and other entertainers. Miss Addicted to Glamour embodies everything related to glamour: poise, charm, elegance, grace, talent, and beauty.

If there are any questions that have not been answered for you in this packet, feel free to contact us personally using the contact information below or on Facebook.


Rick Vicens          Owner
(216) 644-4821

Cuyote Wilde       Manager
(530) 957-1851


Why become a prelim owner?

Addicted to Glamour Pageantry has been entertaining audiences and drawing big-name contestants since 2005. Becoming an owner to a Miss Addicted to Glamour preliminary pageant will be rewarding and exciting.

Prelim owners automatically get support from A2G, including access to all A2G documents including score-sheets, forms, and packets, as well as FREE graphic design for your prelim ad (optional).

What does it cost to be a prelim owner?

Prelim owners have responsibilities, including:

  • Franchise Fee
  • Booking fee and travel for the current reigning Miss Addicted to Glamour
  • Prelim Crown
  • Entrance fee for prelim winner and first runner
  • Venue fees (if applicable)

More details are contained below. Any sponsorship above and beyond registration is at the discretion of the prelim owner.


Franchise Fee:

To promote longevity of each prelim, the Franchise Fee reduces each year as follows:

  • First Year Prelim: $200
  • Second Year Prelim: $150
  • Third Year Prelim: $100
  • Fourth Year Prelim: $50
  • Fifth Year Prelim: $0

This Franchise Fee is due at least by the night of the scheduled preliminary pageant.

Miss Addicted to Glamour Titleholder

Booking fee for the current reigning Miss Addicted to Glamour is $200. Promoters are in charge of paying for all travel and lodging for the titleholder. Before the prelim is scheduled, scheduling must be discussed with the current titleholder and owner.

Entry fees

Prelim entry fees, prize package, admission (cover charge), outside entertainment, and venue are to the promoter’s discretion. Contestant registration fee for each prelim is at the promoter’s discretion, but cannot exceed $100.

The national registration fee is $100/contestant for the Miss Addicted to Glamour pageant and must be paid within 15 days of the prelim pageant to the A2G Owner, Manager, or current reigning Miss Addicted to Glamour.

  • If there is only one contestant, you must pay both entry fees.
  • You may also appoint a title-holder, in which case you may only pay one entry fee for your representative.
  • If the promoter for any reason decides to cancel the pageant within 30 days, they must pay the registration fees for 2 contestants and the current reigning Miss Addicted to Glamour booking fee.
  • If the top 2 contestants choose not to attend the National pageant, the promoter has the right to appoint the next runner up to attend.

Entry fees are non-refundable.



As mentioned above, promoters of A2G prelims will need to communicate closely with the owner and the current titleholder. If applicable, you must coordinate with the queen stepping down or emeritus you have appointed. Prelim dates cannot conflict with any other prelim that is scheduled. Additionally, all advertisements for the event must be approved by the A2G owners before publicizing the event.


Entertainment is an important part of Addicted to Glamour Pageantry. Apart from the titleholder, entertainment is up to the promoter. If the promoter wants to book current A2G titleholders, such as Miss Addicted to Glamour Newcomer, At Large, or Mr. Addicted to Glamour, the promoter must contact them directly.


Judges should be reputable in the pageant community. There should be 3-7 judges on the panel for each city prelim. Prior to the pageant, there must be a meeting with all judges, the promoter, and the Miss Addicted to Glamour representative.


Score sheets have to be given to each contestant at the conclusion of the pageant. Judges can talk to each contestant at the conclusion of the pageant and go over their score sheets. A2G promoter and title holder are allowed to look over score sheets. Judges scores can be dropped or judge can be removed from the panel if the promoter or title holder sees fit.

Administrative Points

Any administrative point deductions must be approved by an A2G representative in attendance. Generally 5 or 10 points is appropriate, but full discretion is given to the A2G representative due to the severity of the offense.


Official Addicted to Glamour Pageantry forms must be used. This includes: Judge’s Score/Comment Sheets, The Certification Form, and the Tabulation Record. The Certification Form and Tabulation Record must be submitted to the owners or A2G representative within 15 days of the event. The A2G representative in attendance can collect all signed contracts. Otherwise they must be mailed to the A2G owners within 15 days of the pageant.


Preliminary pageants are required to have the following judged categories:

  • Glamour Day Wear
  • Evening Gown
  • Talent

Preliminary pageants may also add the following judged categories if they see fit:

  • Interview
  • Presentation

There will be no Question and Answer category for any A2G pageant.