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Information from National A2G Information Packet:

Table of Contents

Rules and Regulations
Pageant Specifics

Rules and Regulations

      • AGE: Contestants must at least 18 years of age. Contestants must provide a valid ID upon request.
      • DRUGS AND ALCOHOL: Use or dispensing of any drugs before, during, or after pageant functions will not be tolerated, and will result in immediate disqualification. No drinking alcohol in the dressing room and drinking should be limited.
      • THEFT: Any contestant, contestant dancer(s), helper(s), etc who are caught in the act of stealing or tampering with another person’s possessions will be immediately disqualified and removed from the location of the pageant.
      • CONTRACT: All A2G winners will be required to sign a contract before prize money is paid. Failure to sign/adhere to the contract will forfeit the title.
      • DISCRIMINATION: A2G does not discriminate, including against any contestant for having silicone injections or the use of hormones. These two factors are not considered in judging.
      • RESPECT: Any contestant whose actions are interpreted as demeaning or disrespectful to the title of Miss Addicted to Glamour will be disqualified.
      • A2G pageant reserves the right to make any decision concerning matters not covered by these rules.

Pageant Specifics

  • CATEGORIES: Score sheets for categories will be available to contestants within seven (7) business days after the pageant competition. Points will be total accumulated for each category. In reverse order:
    • Talent (200 points)
    • Evening Gown (150 points)
    • Glamour Day Wear (100 points)
    • Presentation (100 points)
    • Interview (100 points)
  • TALENT: Talent is the highest point category in the pageant. In the event of a tie, the higher score in the talent category determines the tiebreaker. Contestants will be judged on their quality of lip-sync, live vocal, or other entertainment. The contestant is responsible for the performance of their dancers and others. Quality of set design and construction will be judged. Quantity of set is not judged; solo talents are judged accordingly. Talent is limited to seven (7) minutes. Prop set up is maximum three (3) minutes (not included in the 7 min for talent). Twenty-five (25) points will be deducted from the administrative score if prop set-up is over three (3) minutes. Any type of talent is acceptable except those which may cause injury to the audience or any other person. No glitter, fire, or water may be used in any talent. No live animals or reptiles may be used in talent competition. There are no restrictions on the number of people who may be involved. Cover charge for the pageant must be paid for all backups. This is to be taken care of before pageant begins.
  • EVENING GOWN: Evening gown can be any color and style. It should be full length. The gown must have a high level of glamour. You will be judged on fit, modeling, glam factor, hair, makeup and accessories. The A2G system has often rewarded gowns that have stones and/or beads and the overall glam factor. Each contestant will model their evening gown for a minimum of two minutes. If a judge wants a closer look, they can motion the contestant to the judge’s table. Hair should be appropriate for eveningwear and compliment both the contestant and the style of the gown.
  • GLAMOUR DAYWEAR: Glamour daywear is high fashion glamour category for the day-to-day look of a glamorous lady. This category will demonstrate your level of taste and glamour for a daytime look. Glamour daywear can also be high fashion or glamour haute couture. Rhinestones are encouraged, but not required. This is not simply sportswear – this is high glamour and high fashion for a daytime look. Contestants will be judged on style, fit, modeling, hair, makeup and accessories.
  • PRESENTATION: Presentation will be creative presentation interpreted by the contestant on a theme that will be announced in advanced (2015: Dark Side of Glamour). Time limit for Miss A2G pageant presentation is 3 minutes. The contestants have up to three (3) minutes to express themselves using the theme of the pageant with an emphasis on glamour. Following the presentation, the contestants will introduce themselves on a microphone to the audience and judges. The spoken introduction is not included in the three (3) minutes, but is to be less than thirty (30) seconds.
  • INTERVIEW: Interview will occur at registration in professional attire (no gender specifications enforced). Eye contact with all the judges is very important, not just the judge who has asked the question. The contestant is judged on the presentation of thoughts. The contestant will also be judged on the look that the contestant has chosen for themselves. The interview category should last no longer than eight (8) minutes.
  • MUSIC: Music should be turned in on a CD. All music should be on one (1) CD in category order, which is: 1. Presentation, 2. Talent, 3. Crowning Number. Unless advised otherwise by the Addicted to Glamour owners, music will not be played off of mp3 players or cell phones. CDs must be labeled clearly with contestant’s name.
  • DEDUCTIONS: Regulation infractions that will lead to administrative point deductions include (but are not limited to):
    • Going over time for talent set-up and take-down
    • Music not appropriately labeled
    • Registration submitted after the deadline
    • Violating pageant rules in a category
    • Being tardy
    • Unprofessionalism in the dressing room
  • DRESSERS: Each contestant is allowed one dresser but your dresser can change as long as it’s indicated on your application. Contestants will have assigned spaces and must be in the dressing room for check in. Check in will occur one (1) hour before the pageant start time. All contestants must be at the venue for check in.

National Titleholder Responsibilities

The Miss Addicted to Glamour titleholder will support and enforce all rules and regulations of the Miss Addicted to Glamour pageant and its preliminaries. The Miss Addicted to Glamour titleholder will become familiar with all rules and regulations of the Miss Addicted to Glamour system in order to make sure that they are followed.


      • The Miss Addicted to Glamour titleholder shall appear professional at all times.
      • Appearance for all performances, observing the pageant competition and mingling, should be glamorous.
      • Jewelry should be glamorous at all times.
      • Wardrobe malfunctions are not acceptable, including but not limited to runs/snags/tears in hosiery, pads visible, snags, holes or tears in costumes, un-kept hair, hairlines showing, earrings and other accessory falling off, undergarment lines or ridges, scuffed shoes or wrinkled clothing.
      • Attire should not be ill fitted at any time.
      • False fingernails should be worn at all times, during any public appearance, while in female attire.
      • Miss Addicted to Glamour should not arrive at an event or pageant half prepared, such as in “face” but also in male attire.

The Crown

      • While traveling, Miss Addicted to Glamour should ensure that a protective carrying case is used.
      • The crown, as well as other jewelry, should be kept clean and in good condition throughout the reign.
      • Miss Addicted to Glamour should ensure that the hairstyle is complimentary to the crown and does not cover the crown.
      • The crown should be worn during the majority of public appearances including but not limited to a ballad performance, mingling in the crowd, arrival into the facility and observing the contest.
      • The crown should be worn upon arrival (when making entrance), into any facility, provided that Miss Addicted to Glamour does not “dress” at the location of the preliminary pageant.

Preliminary Pageants

The Miss Addicted to Glamour titleholder must attend and participate in all state and regional preliminary pageants leading to The Miss Addicted to Glamour pageant during their reign. The Promoter of preliminary pageants in conjunction with The Miss Addicted to Glamour titleholder will set the date(s) for these pageants. The promoter shall be in charge of transportation, lodging, and the performance fee (no less than $200 per final night of each preliminary contest).

The success of the preliminary pageants is largely the role of the Miss Addicted to Glamour titleholder. This includes selling prelims to promoters across the country, encouraging contestants, setting up venues, and answering questions on behalf of the system. The Miss Addicted to Glamour titleholder should check in with the promoters, the contestants, and the audience. Miss Addicted to Glamour should greet the owners of the venue. Miss Addicted to Glamour should watch as much of the pageant as possible. They should then validate all scores at each preliminary, looking for errors, scoring differences between judges, bias in the scoring, etc.

Miss Addicted to Glamour should be introduced in the crown and speak on the microphone, welcoming the audience, thanking the venue, and advertising upcoming events. Miss Addicted to Glamour titleholder will perform at least two times, unless otherwise stated, with the final performance performed to a ballad while wearing the crown..


  • The titleholder will arrange all travel with promoters and others. Promoters are in charge of paying for all travel and lodging for the titleholder.
  • Addicted to Glamour Pageantry can approve or disapprove a certain appearance.
  • The titleholder will contact Addicted to Glamour Pageantry with other appearances that are not official Addicted to Glamour events.


The Miss Addicted to Glamour titleholder will hold the title, the system, promoters, and the system in high esteem. While representing the system, the titleholder must

      • Present themselves professionally (both on and off stage), including social media
      • Never demean the system or the title, or other systems, competitors, including on social media
      • Never cause substantial problems for the system or promoters
      • Solve problems in a respectful, private, and professional manner
      • Never commit violent or unlawful acts
      • The national titleholder is responsible for at least two (2) national walks.
      • The titleholder must maintain a positive reputation

Communication and Publicity

The Miss Addicted to Glamour titleholder is expected to communicate with the national promoters regarding all issues associated with the Miss Addicted to Glamour pageant and its preliminaries. Communication is expected to be timely.

PROMOTIONAL PHOTO: Initial photos may be taken immediately following contest. A satisfactory promotional photo is one that is in full compliance with the detail denoted in the “official photograph” section of this document.

CELL PHONE: The Miss Addicted to Glamour titleholder agrees to keep a valid cellular telephone number in service during the year of their reign. The expense of the valid cellular telephone shall not be compensated by Addicted to Glamour Pageantry.

EMAIL: The Miss Addicted to Glamour titleholder should use an official GlamourPageantry.com email address set up by the webmaster for official business. Email must be checked at least once per week during reign. The Miss Addicted to Glamour titleholder should have internet access and be computer literate in order to more efficiently communicate with the promoters, contestants, and the public.

TIMELINESS: The Miss Addicted to Glamour titleholder shall return telephone calls and email correspondence in a timely manner. (Timely shall be defined by Addicted to Glamour Pageantry)

APPEARANCES: All entertaining and/or appearances of an official nature by the titleholder shall be approved ten (10) days in advance by Addicted to Glamour Pageantry.

Step Down Planning

The Miss Addicted to Glamour titleholder will assist Addicted to Glamour Pageantry in the planning, when needed and requested, of next The Miss Addicted to Glamour Pageant. The Miss Addicted to Glamour titleholder is responsible to work with Addicted to Glamour Pageantry to:

      • Create, implement, execute, and advertise a “theme” for The Miss Addicted to Glamour Pageant.
      • Secure a location for The Miss Addicted to Glamour Pageant.
      • Promote the Miss Addicted to Glamour Pageant (Facebook, Twitter etc.)
      • Sell new preliminaries (franchises) throughout their reign in effort to grow the Miss Addicted to Glamour Pageant system.
      • The Miss Addicted to Glamour titleholder is expected to motivate contestants and increase the contestant base.

If the titleholder does not fulfill their obligation, they must pay back the prize money and crown to the promoter. If they do not fulfill their obligation, the crown goes to the first runner up.

Other contests

  • The Miss Addicted to Glamour titleholder will not enter other competitions without prior approval of Addicted to Glamour Pageantry.
  • Miss Addicted to Glamour is likewise prohibited from stating intention of entering other competitions without prior approval.

Other Employment

Addicted to Glamour Pageantry should be told of all other income and employment to make sure there is no issues that will reflect poorly on the titleholder in the public eye.


All issues discussed between the titleholder and Addicted to Glamour Pageantry and promoters should remain confidential unless specified otherwise. After the reign has ended, the titleholder agrees to keep these conversations confidential.

Official Promotional Photos

      1. Immediately following the pageant, the Miss Addicted to Glamour titleholder will have official promotional photographs taken by Cuyahoga Burning Design (unless otherwise stated) whereby Addicted to Glamour Pageantry reserves full rights to deem a certain photograph as the “Official The Miss Addicted to Glamour titleholder” photo.
      2. The Miss Addicted to Glamour titleholder shall not use any other photos as promotional photos, unless approved in advance by Addicted to Glamour Pageantry.
      3. All original expenses relating to the cost of the official promotional photographs will be paid by Addicted to Glamour Pageantry after approval. Subsequent expenses relative to the official promotional photographs shall be that of the Miss Addicted to Glamour titleholder and not Addicted to Glamour Pageantry.
      4. The official photo should include the crown and a glamorous costume.
      5. Before the photo session occurs, Miss Addicted to Glamour and the photographer should consult with Addicted to Glamour Pageantry for other specific photo requirements.

Revoking the title

If the titleholder cannot complete the reign under contract, then the title, crown, jewelry and bookings may be revoked. If the title is revoked, then the monthly cash stream will stop and the entire amount of prize package money paid to the Miss Addicted to Glamour titleholder must be paid back to Addicted to Glamour Pageantry. Additionally, the crown and jewelry must be returned.


      1. The contestant chosen as first alternate must be prepared to fulfill the duties of the titleholder, if for any reason the titleholder is unable to fulfill their duty.
      2. The first alternate winner cannot refuse the promotion if the promotion occurs within the first six (6) months from the date of the original pageant. If the promotion opportunity occurs after six (6) months from the date of that particular contest, the first alternate has acceptance option, without declination penalty.
      3. Should the contestant decline the promotion, within the aforementioned timeline, a one-year minimal suspension, shall be levied against that contestant.
      4. The new titleholder is upheld to all the requirements of the original winner as laid out in the contract.
      5. The remainder of the prize package from the date of promotion will be paid to the 1st alternate, not including the monies paid on the night of the pageant to the original winner.

Title Holder agrees to release and hold harmless Addicted to Glamour Pageantry and Promoter any liability and/or responsibility whatsoever, resulting from, associated with, or arising out of Titleholder’s participation in the official duties of the title, including but not limited to personal injury, or loss or damage to personal property regardless of whether the loss or injury occurs before, during, or after the an official pageant, preliminary, or any related activity.

Titleholder also hereby releases himself/herself from any and all rights to any video/DVD (sound and/or video), photography, recording, still camera, or motion picture of the official pageants, or preliminary. Titleholder also understands that he/she has, or will have, no rights to any of the recordings arising out of said pageants that Titleholder may appear in or on, or the future sales thereof.

Breach of this contract, in whole or in part, by The Miss Addicted to Glamour titleholder, may result in monetary penalties levied by and deemed appropriate by Addicted to Glamour Pageantry. Addicted to Glamour Pageantry reserves the right to set administrative sanctions, as it deems appropriate, including but not limited to monetary penalties according to its discretion.


Contestants must fill out registration forms at preliminary pageants.

If a contestant chooses not to do a preliminary pageant, they may register, for the national pageant one (1) month before the national pageant. Registration fees for non-preliminary contestants ($250) must be paid with application submission and are non-refundable. Late fees will be charged $5 per day late. Dancers, prop personnel must have passes purchased ($10 each) at registration.

All contestants will be announced three (3) weeks before the pageant date on the website and Facebook.

To register, email rick@glamourpageantry.com the following:

  • REGISTRATION FORM: Contestants should completely fill out the registration form using a .doc or .docx format
  • PHOTO: All contestants registering should include a promotional photo that does not have another system’s crown or text on it
  • FEES: The registration fees for prelim winners will be paid by prelim promoters. All other contestants must include $250 with registration form. Contestants can also include $10 for each dancer or backup personnel, or may wait until the day of the pageant. Payable via cash in person, personal check, certified bank check, money order, or PayPal via cuy@glamourpageantry.com.

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